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Q: What kind of hair is this?

A: Umprocessed Brazilian Hair


Q: How long can I keep my extensions?

A: Up to a year with proper care.


QCan this hair be dyed or colored?

A: Yes, this hair can be bleached and colored. If your looking to get brighter/lighter colors we recommend that you purchase our blonde bundles.


Q: How many bundles are needed for a full head?

A: Lengths under 18" we suggest 2 bundles and 3 if you want it really full. Lengths 18" and over, at least 3 and maybe 4 for the longer lengths.


Q: Can I apply heat to my extensions?

A: Yes, you can curl them as you would your regular hair. We don't suggest using temperatures above 410 degrees because it will damage the hair.


Q: Can I wash my extensions?

A: Yes, We actually recommend that you wash it at least every two weeks with a sulfate free shampoo or co wash, to remove any oil or build up. Visit our product page to purchase recommended products.


Q: Can Alluring Edges be used everyday?

A: Yes, Alluring Edges can be used everyday without flaking and white build up.


Q: How can I get information on Cranial Prosthetics (Medical Wigs)

A: Click HERE for more info